Can anyone really get a loan from Rank Credit?

Rank-credit enjoys a great reputation and is widely praised on consumer portals, in forums and many other places. One reason is the very open and transparent way of working. But many borrowers also emphasize personal care and stress how much Rank-Credit has worked for them. It is not just a promise that Rank-Credit can help you even in difficult cases – the fast and effective help is daily lived reality.

Rank credit is always honest

It can sometimes be read that everyone can get a loan from Rank-Credit. That is not true. Anyone interested in credit can rest assured that Rank-Credit is looking for the best solution for them. To promise that the search for a loan in any case leads to success, but would be dubious.

Rank-credit communicates openly and honestly with its customers. And this includes the indication that a loan is currently not possible if the minimum requirements are not met. A few months later, the situation may look very different again. If, however, no loan commitment is currently available from the bank partners, Rank-Credit will inform you.

Rank credit stays with you

Bon credit stays with you

In addition, Rank-Credit takes its responsibility very seriously. The employees are firmly convinced that the prospective customer is only really served with sustainable solutions. It does not help if the borrower moans from monthly payments that he can not afford. In such cases, an unexpected output is enough to bring the house of cards to collapse. With a (further) credit, therefore, no improvement could be achieved here – on the contrary, the situation would worsen. With the clearly formulated claim of Rank-Credit , always to achieve the best solution for the customers, so could be a credit standing on shaky ground, incompatible.

Does that mean that you have to be afraid of cancellation if you apply for a credit on a credit line? The possibility that you will not receive a commitment exists in principle. With a good credit rating and a sufficient income, there are usually no problems. Rank-Credit can then very quickly make you a loan offer with attractive conditions. If loans are already running at a considerable height and you have a bad private credit, for example, the search is even more time-consuming. But even in difficult cases Rank-Credit often finds a good and sustainable solution together with the lenders. But sometimes it turns out during the credit check that a loan is currently not possible. This does not mean that Rank-Credit did not work well – it simply means that you do not meet the minimum credit requirements right now. Conclusion: The chances that you can find a cheap loan with Rank-Credit, even in difficult situations, are good. But “magic” can not do bon credit either. Since you do not incur any costs for your request and you do not make any other commitments, you can not lose anything but only win.