Bad Credit Loans: sign up for a loan today

You have a negative entry on the private credit and still, need fast cash? Then loans without credit reports can be the solution. These loans are also given to those with very bad private credit.

Bad Credit Loans: the peculiarity

While normally a query is made to the private credit in the course of the credit check, it is waived for credits without credit information. Any negative characteristics that are stored about you, therefore, play no role in the credit decision. Where do you get bad credit loans? The answer: The best way to ask Online @ Green Day for such a loan. This is possible free of charge and without obligation over the Internet. Your house bank and many other financial institutions do not need to contact you first. If you ask there for credits without a credit report, your request will usually be rejected immediately. This is completely different from credit.

Why are loans given out without a guarantee?

Why are loans given out without a guarantee?

You may be wondering why some banks lend without credit reports and others do not. Basically, the query at private credit has proven itself to obtain information about the payment behavior of a prospective customer. However, it is also known that many consumers get into a bad situation without being guilty. A negative entry in the credit report comes quickly, but can be very difficult to remove. In addition, for example, a cell phone bill once forgotten many months ago says very little about today’s financial performance.

Many consumers could easily afford a loan but are rejected because of the bad private credit. Many large banks simply do not want to bother to look in detail at the client’s situation. They prefer a loan request rather than deal with the possibilities of a loan for supposedly difficult cases. Some banking partners with whom Rank Credit cooperates are acting fundamentally differently: they grant loans without credit reports and are not deterred by bad private credit. Above all, you want your income to be enough to repay the loan.

Ask for a loan without a credit report

Ask for a loan without a credit report

Rank Credit is looking for loans without credit reports, which improve your financial situation immediately and sustainably. This search is always free of charge, and your personal offer is also completely free. Rank Credit cannot promise you that every credit will be fulfilled. But the experts will do their utmost to find the optimal solution for you. Since you do not pay a penny in advance and you incur no costs even if you refuse, do not take any risk with your loan request. Here you can apply for loans without credit information immediately online.

A small loan is sometimes the better choice

Rank Credit can help you with instant loans up to 100,000 euros, even as additional credit sums up to 50,000 euros are possible. Rank Credit, however, always pays – in your own interest – to ensure that you can afford the loan you want.

Small or big credit – what can it be?

Small or big credit - what can it be?

The experts have more than 40 years of experience and can therefore offer you many valuable tips against. It would certainly be the easier way to always look for exactly the loan you have requested. But Rank Credit sees itself as your partner in the search for credit. So it’s not about the highest possible credit volume, but the best solution for you. And that can also be a small loan.

You need to be able to afford your credit

You need to be able to afford your credit

With a loan that you can not afford at all, Rank Credit would only help you at very short notice. However, after a short while, you might find that the rates exceed your financial capacity. Your situation would not have improved as a result of the loan, but worsened. That’s exactly what Rank Credit wants to prevent.

And so it can happen that your specific loan offer turns out to be slightly lower than expected. That is no reason to be disappointed. Because if you take a closer look, you usually realize that the proposed loan actually suits you – and that a significantly higher loan amount would probably take your breath away. Many borrowers thank Rank Credit for some honest time and honest advice.

Request requested loan amount online

Request requested loan amount online

You can enter a large amount in seconds into the form for the online request. But the concrete consequences do not always consider the prospect. The loan amount and thus also the rates should be in a healthy relation to the income and the existing assets. Only then will the borrower be happy with his loan in the long run. And that must always be the highest goal.

To really get you the best credit, Rank Credit looks at your personal situation. You will not receive a ready-made loan offer that is already in the drawer and does not meet your needs. Rather, the optimal loan is determined individually for you, and you receive a tailored offer. In it you can read in black and white, in which amount you can get a loan, which is based on the annual percentage rate of the calculation and which monthly rates you have to expect. All information is clear, easy to understand and immediately traceable. And since the loan offer from Rank Credit is free, you do not take any risks. Here it goes directly to the loan request without pre-cost.

Better than a loan calculator: credit comparison from the professional

Find the best deal with a loan calculator – many credit seekers can easily imagine that. You want to enter the desired loan amount, select a term, and then receive immediate information about the monthly installments and the effective interest rate.

Why loan calculators are pointless

Such credit calculators are actually available on the internet in many places. Unfortunately, their significance is unfortunately very limited. Because such a computer is “fed” with standard conditions for standard customers, and then spits out the results on this basis. But every person looking for a loan is different, and that’s why general credit calculations use only a little.

Because it is by no means said that a concrete offer that takes into account the personal circumstances, just as the first calculation with the loan calculator. There are disappointments preprogrammed, if your own credit rating is not optimal and therefore for a loan slightly higher interest due. For good credit, there is no credit calculator for good credit, but only individual offers – of course, without any pre-payment.

If the loan calculator does not tell the whole truth

When banks promote lending, they often praise very cheap interest rates. But the truth is that very few borrowers can actually borrow at these extremely low rates. Even if the credit check results in a slightly higher credit risk, interest rates rise automatically. If a prospective loaner has a relatively low income and possibly a negative private credit entry, then the bank will offer him different loan conditions than a top earner with a perfect private credit account.

The risk assessment and the corresponding calculation is part of the daily business for the banks, and there is nothing to be said against it. It only becomes problematic when a credit calculator on the website gives the impression that almost everyone could get a loan at the conditions calculated there.

This is how your credit is calculated

For Rank Credit openness and transparency come first. Every interested person should know from the beginning at which interest rate he can take out a loan. That is why Rank Credit always creates individual offers that are tailor-made for each customer. To ensure that interest rates are as low as possible, Rank Credit seeks intensively and for the best credit at a number of banks. On the information in the free offer can rely on the loan seeker: All the facts are on the table, there are no hidden costs and there are also no interest surcharges just before the signature under the loan agreement.

Conclusion: A loan calculator is a nice gimmick. But who wants to have a reliable loan offer, which is much better served with a free request at Rank Credit.

Do not get a loan: new request useful?

Rank Credit has proven to be a great help to many clients. Loans who used to withdraw from other credit intermediaries or banks were often able to borrow with the help of Rank Credit. The reasons are partly due to the special way of working, which focuses on each individual customer and their individual situation.

Personal advice at Rank Credit

Personal advice at Rank Credit

With Rank Credit , you will not be treated as a searcher for “Scheme F”, but you will receive the best possible support from the request to the loan approval. Even with a very bad credit report Rank Credit can often help you with a loan.

It is not always possible to realize exactly the desired loan amount, but often a smaller loan amount also contributes to the relaxation of the financial situation.

Of course, but also credit can not conjure Bon: With extremely bad credit and a low income financing is sometimes just not possible. If so, Rank Credit will tell you that openly and honestly. If you can not get credit right now, it’s just a snapshot. Therefore, it may well make sense, after a certain period again a request to make.

Free request and a fair offer

Rank Credit has an excellent reputation with both its clients and the financial community. Not only is the number of satisfied borrowers growing day by day, but also new banking partners are constantly being added. It pays off that Rank Credit for more than 40 years convinced by seriousness and competence. New banking partners mean new opportunities for potential creditors.

Because different banks each have their own acceptance criteria for credit inquiries. And new partners are sometimes very generous. Therefore, a tip for anyone who has not been able to get a loan so far: Just ask again with a time interval of, for example, three months. The loan application and your possible offer are always free with Rank Credit, so you do not take any risks.

Renewed request – that you should note

If your personal requirements have changed since the last loan request, you can also submit another request immediately. Maybe your income last time for a loan was not enough. Now, if you’ve found a better-paying job or earn something on a regular basis, you may be able to get a loan approval. Or have you possibly found a co-applicant? Even then, your chances of getting a loan increase.

Conclusion: If you have asked in the past in vain for a loan or currently (yet) do not meet the conditions for borrowing, then that is no reason to despair. In just a few months, the situation can be very different. Rank Credit will look forward to your renewed free loan request .

Can anyone really get a loan from Rank Credit?

Rank-credit enjoys a great reputation and is widely praised on consumer portals, in forums and many other places. One reason is the very open and transparent way of working. But many borrowers also emphasize personal care and stress how much Rank-Credit has worked for them. It is not just a promise that Rank-Credit can help you even in difficult cases – the fast and effective help is daily lived reality.

Rank credit is always honest

It can sometimes be read that everyone can get a loan from Rank-Credit. That is not true. Anyone interested in credit can rest assured that Rank-Credit is looking for the best solution for them. To promise that the search for a loan in any case leads to success, but would be dubious.

Rank-credit communicates openly and honestly with its customers. And this includes the indication that a loan is currently not possible if the minimum requirements are not met. A few months later, the situation may look very different again. If, however, no loan commitment is currently available from the bank partners, Rank-Credit will inform you.

Rank credit stays with you

Bon credit stays with you

In addition, Rank-Credit takes its responsibility very seriously. The employees are firmly convinced that the prospective customer is only really served with sustainable solutions. It does not help if the borrower moans from monthly payments that he can not afford. In such cases, an unexpected output is enough to bring the house of cards to collapse. With a (further) credit, therefore, no improvement could be achieved here – on the contrary, the situation would worsen. With the clearly formulated claim of Rank-Credit , always to achieve the best solution for the customers, so could be a credit standing on shaky ground, incompatible.

Does that mean that you have to be afraid of cancellation if you apply for a credit on a credit line? The possibility that you will not receive a commitment exists in principle. With a good credit rating and a sufficient income, there are usually no problems. Rank-Credit can then very quickly make you a loan offer with attractive conditions. If loans are already running at a considerable height and you have a bad private credit, for example, the search is even more time-consuming. But even in difficult cases Rank-Credit often finds a good and sustainable solution together with the lenders. But sometimes it turns out during the credit check that a loan is currently not possible. This does not mean that Rank-Credit did not work well – it simply means that you do not meet the minimum credit requirements right now. Conclusion: The chances that you can find a cheap loan with Rank-Credit, even in difficult situations, are good. But “magic” can not do bon credit either. Since you do not incur any costs for your request and you do not make any other commitments, you can not lose anything but only win.

Do you want to pay for bank towers – or prefer cheap loans?

Have you ever wondered where the money came from, which the big banks put into their luxurious skyscrapers? With what money do you pay marble, granite and precious woods in the branches? And why there is a big outcry when individual top managers should “only” earn 500,000 euros because of the financial crisis? Sure: Because the top bankers go home with high millions of dollars. All of these sums have to be raised somehow by somebody, because of course the banks can not print money either.

Cheap loans instead of fat bank profits

Cheap loans instead of fat bank profits

Who this “someone” is? In case of doubt it is you and me, in short: the customers of the banks. We all have to pay excessive interest on our overdraft facilities and instant loans, we are being asked to pay with lavish fees and spilled over in many other ways. So, when you’re looking for a loan, one important question is: do you want to co-finance the grand buildings of a major bank again – or do you prefer to have really cheap loans to save you interest and therefore cash?

Really cheap loans are online

For most creditors, the answer should be clear. And that is why rank-credit can certainly not complain about a lack of interest. The experts have been a reliable partner to their customers for more than four decades. Every time a new free loan request is received, the goal is the same: to find the cheapest possible financing for the interested party.

Unlike many other providers, rank-credit does not simply pull a prepared offer from the drawer and writes in the name of the person seeking the loan. No, if you ask rank-credit for a cheap credit, then the professionals look at your situation and ask yourself which loan is the optimal solution for you personally. That’s exactly what they offer you in the free offer that you often receive after 24 hours by email.

Fair credit offer without costs

Fair credit offer without costs

Another peculiarity: While some major banks are very creative in inventing fees and other costs, rank-credit and its banking partners work for you without any pre-charge. rank-credit is just not looking at the big banks for a loan for you, but in smaller and in the best sense “slimmer” money houses. There are no bank towers and no glass palaces. And the leaders of these banks are ordinary people to talk to. That’s exactly what rank-credit does, so you get the best possible financing in the end. Since you do not have to pay a cent for your request or for your personal offer, you do not take any risks. So find out now how cheap your next loan can be and place your loan request here.

Uncomplicated small loan from 2,000 euros

If you thought a small loan would have to be easy to get, then you did it without your bank. If a customer asks for a large credit there (and brings the appropriate credit rating), then all doors are open to him. But if you only want to have a small loan over, for example, 2,000 euros, then you have to expect a cancellation. Why? Because the bank is too expensive for such a small loan. Low credit sums mean low profits because you only have to pay a small amount of interest to the bank. However, the credit check and processing are as complex for a loan of € 2,000 as for more extensive financing with € 10,000 or € 20,000.

Big banks often do not give small loans

 Big banks often do not give small loans

Because the business does not seem lucrative enough for them, so many financial institutions reject your desire for a small loan immediately. At Rank Credit, you experience something completely different: Here you and your credit wish are the focus. If you “only” need a small loan of 2,000 euros or 3,000 euros, then you should get it. The banking partners with whom Rank Credit cooperates expressly not only grant high loans but also very small loans.

Small loans from 200 Euro

For bon credit, it does not matter if you want a small or large loan. Experts are always looking for the best solution for you with the same intensity. The goal is clear: you should get the cheapest possible loan at an attractive interest rate. Although a few digits behind the decimal point are not as important for a micro-loan as for a large financing – but no one has money to give away, and therefore rank-credit is also very hard for small loans to find top conditions for you,

By the way: You can get a small loan with the help of Rank Credit also without private credit or in spite of bad private credit account. If you have already received rejections elsewhere with reference to negative features in the credit report, a request with rank-credit so still makes sense – especially since you for your loan application and individually tailored offer no cost. Here you will find the online form with which you can get your microcredit now.

Loans via the Internet: Often the fastest and cheapest solution

What do you want most of all from your loan? Certainly cheap interest. Plus a quick payoff so the money lands on your account as soon as possible. Both in terms of pace and in terms of terms, the search for credit online is difficult to beat. If you search in the right places, you will almost always find cheaper rates online than at your local bank or other branch banks.

Loans via the internet are unbeatably cheap

Loans via the internet are unbeatably cheap

You can save money and time by taking out loans online. In order for you to obtain optimal conditions for your loan, Rank Credit is your competent partner. Rank Credit is now helping its customers make loans with or without private credit account in the fifth decade, and with your free request, you can now benefit from the tremendous experience of the experts – all at no cost.

Apply for loans via the Internet – that’s how it works

After your online request has been received by Rank Credit, you will immediately take care of your loan request.

  • You often get a first estimate of your credit chances very quickly, then the concrete loan search starts.
  • Rank Credit is in contact with a number of banks and other lenders.
  • If need be, the credit experts ask up to 20 different agencies for a really cheap loan for you. They do not settle for mediocre conditions, but always bring out the best – so you get the best possible credit in the end.

How cheap your financing can be, you can in many cases just one day after your request read in black and white. Rank Credit sends you an offer by mail, which clearly lists all the details of your possible loan. Especially important: Neither for your request nor for the preparation of the offer you incur pre-cost. You will receive your personal loan offer free of charge. Moreover, it is completely non-binding for you. So you can accept it, but you do not have to.

Once you have received the loan offer, you can take as much time for the exam as you like. Once you have decided, Rank Credit and the lender take care of the quick payment of the loan amount to your account. The prerequisite is that the signed loan agreement has been received by mail from Rank Credit. The legislator prescribes this way, so that all parties have maximum security. Everything else, from the request to the individual loan offer, can have been processed online. Send your credit request here via the Internet.

Replacing old loans – that pays off

Credit agreements are often concluded with terms of five, six or more years. A lot can happen in a relatively long period like this – not only in your own life, but also on the capital markets.

If the interest rates agreed years ago are suddenly far too high by today’s standards, rescheduling can be the solution. Expensive old loans are “exchanged” for cheaper new loans.

So it was in recent years: The interest rates experienced a rapid decline. As a result, investors achieved only a mini-yield with their savings, borrowers could suddenly realize unexpectedly favorable financing.

The problem here: The attractive conditions were and apply only to new contracts. Anyone who has taken out a loan two, three or more years ago, looks into the tube. Because he must continue to pay the high interest rates that were agreed in the loan agreement. On the one hand, fixed interest over the entire term offers the borrower planning security – on the other hand, he does not profit from falling interest rates.

Germany’s biggest loan advises: Instead of getting annoyed about too high interest rates on your old loan, you should consider the possibility of a loan repayment. What does that mean? Quite simply: You get a new cheap credit to pay off the expensive old loan in one fell swoop. And often you even have the option to transfer an additional amount to the account. This extra payment is, so to speak, your reserve for unexpected expenses.

Therefore, a loan repayment is attractive

Therefore, a loan repayment is attractive


If you were to pay off your expensive old contract until the end of the term, you would have to – depending on the loan amount – transfer several hundred or even a few thousand euros too much to the bank. By canceling the old loan and taking out a new loan, you instead secure the current low interest rates. Even if you have to pay a “prepayment penalty” at the old bank, the replacement is worthwhile in most cases.

As a result, you immediately lower your loan installments, gaining new financial headroom month after month. In addition, of course, the total cost of your financing fall.

Another advantage: As part of a loan repayment, you can repay not just a single old loan, but several. So they summarize the existing payments and henceforth no longer need to transfer installments to different banks.

When is a replacement of old loans useful?

A loan repayment is often useful, but not always. These two factors should be given:

  • The old loan will run for another year or more.
  • The difference between the old and the new monthly installments is 10 euros or more.

Another important aspect is the “prepayment penalty”, which can amount to between 0.5 and a maximum of 1 percent of the remaining debt. This extra fee, which is often due to the old bank under the loan agreement, should not be forgotten in your calculation.

The 3 steps to credit

Determine residual debt
So that you know what sums of money are involved, it is necessary to determine the remaining debt at the old bank or the old banks. If the residual debt is not reflected in the loan agreement at the current time, have the bank send you a current credit statement. If you want to combine several old loans, add the respective remaining debt. So you get the sum that you need to refinance.

Get the loan offer
After you have determined the remaining debt, you know how much fresh money you need. This results in the sum for your new loan request. Our tip: Often it is easily possible to increase the loan amount, for example, by 1,000 to 2,000 euros. You will then not only get the money you need to replace the old loans, but also a “buffer” on the account.

Eliminate old credit (s) in one fell swoop
If you have your loan offer on the table and want to accept it, all you need to do is to return the signed loan agreement. The banking partners of Bon-Kredit initiate everything else. Your old loans are paid out in one fell swoop, the rest of the money goes straight to your account. From that moment on, you no longer need to worry about the high interest rates on your old contracts. They now benefit from the currently extremely favorable interest rates and save money each month.

Loan rejected? Often there is a solution

 Has your bank refused your request for a loan ? Have you even received several cancellations? That does not mean that you can not actually get a loan. Because if your request ends up with the “right” lenders, then it often leads to success.

Loan rejected? Ask Us!

This is where Rank Credit comes into play. The credit experts have been there for their clients for more than 40 years – and especially in difficult times. At the banks with which Rank Credit cooperates, you are not just an anonymous “number” as a prospective loan applicant.

  • Here, people work for people and strive in each individual case for a viable solution.
  • Because each loan request is viewed individually, a bad Private Credit, for example, is not a problem in many cases.
  • This means that even if a loan has been denied elsewhere because your Private Credit information is supposedly too bad, Rank Credit may be able to help you.

All you need to do is request a free loan request and then start looking for a suitable loan for you.

No credit request is simply rejected here

Of course, Rank Credit can not guarantee that you will get a loan. However, you always get a promise: The experts will work hard with their partner banks to help you get a loan. If you meet the requirements for a loan, then Rank Credit will find a solution for you. You can now ask for a loan immediately, even if other banks have already turned down a loan.

The request does not mean any risk for you, because with Rank Credit there are no pre-costs. You receive a personal loan offer and do not need to pay a cent for it. So you can not lose anything if you help find a low-interest loan. On the other hand, you can win a lot.

Good chances also with bad Private Credit Record

Maybe your loan was rejected by other banks or credit intermediaries for negative Private Credit entries. With Bon credit, a bad Private Credit is not a problem. In many cases, you can get a normal loan despite the negative features. And if that is not feasible, there is still a loan without Private Credit as an alternative. So before you poke your head in the sand because your loan has been declined, it’s best to go directly to the professionals at Rank Credit. Every request will be processed within 24 hours, and you will often get an initial assessment of your credit chances within a few minutes. Click here for the free inquiry for loans with and without Private Credit.